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Lifestyle of MT with University Student

Inerview with Park Ji-min (dept, of English language & literature 10) and Kim Do-yeon (dept, of architecture engineering 10)

Every March and April is the season of going membership training (MT) with people of own department. By participating in MT, whole students can get on like a house on fire each other. For relieving your curiosity about MT I interviewed with Park Ji-min (22, department of English language and literature) who is know well about it. Let’s look at what they doing and how about her feeling after come back from MT.

Q. where have you been?

A. Ji-min: I have been Song-Jeong beach in Busan. If you still not choose where will you go, I want recommend you to go Jungsan-ri in Jiri mountain. Because if you go to mountain there are no risk to be sank by someone like mischievous boy.

A. Do-yeon: Eden valley resort in Yangsan.

Q. Do you think it help you to be friendly each other after come back from MT?

A.Ji -min: Of course I think so. There are some people who spent two days and one night but I think it is more suit for students to spent three days and two nights in order to become intimate each other. Going MT is also chance to find funny friend or the opposite sex after yours heart. So it seems great to go MT though it takes some money. You can also make friends during the time of outdoor activity

A.Do-yeon: Our M.T. was the beginning of becoming familiar with freshmen or students returning to school after taking time off.

Q. I kwow Orientation Training (OT) also known as Orienteering (OL). I want to hear your opinion of that.

A. Ji -min: It is somewhat bad culture among University students but I think it is okay to establish such military discipline for freshman as needed. Freshman should be trained for the senior-junior relationship unless it is excessive. It is not so bad, since freshman squared accounts with senior by drinking alcohol after training and also they enjoy many games. After this process they become more close each other.

A. Do-yeon: I think it is necessary to freshmen if it doesn’t exceed the bounds.

Q. Finally please tell me anything about MT.

A. Ji -min: It is pleasure to drink alcohol with many people but don’t drink too much. And whether you pleased your place or not, please zealously enjoy the time without remorse.

A. Do-yeon: The most memorable foods were ramen with meat and Vietnamese rice wraps.

by Lee Jung-eun, Reporter

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