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Freshmen’s Hopeful and Apprehensive University LifeQ&A between a freshmen and sophomore of the Department of Taxation

Q. Are you truly proud to be a student at CWNU?
A. When I first entered CWNU, I was so ashamed because I couldn’t enter any university in Seoul as a result of low scores on the The Scholastic Aptitude Test. I felt a terrible letdown, despondency, a sense of deprivation and defeat whenever I thought of my future, because of the youth unemployment that so many university graduates, even in Seoul, are experiencing. Maybe many freshmen at CWNU also felt emotions similarly to mine. In my opinion now, however, the name of the university can’t influence your future life,
which is made by your own effort. If you look for information about working and endeavor to improve yourself, you can reach the goal you wish for!

Q. What is your biggest regret from your once-in-a-lifetime first year?
A. In the time you are a freshman in university, you can do anything you want such as study to get certified, make precious memories with mates in your major department, and developing a hobby. One of the advantages as a university student is we can do anything, anytime and anywhere by our own initiative. In my case, I went back to school after discharge last semester. Most of my friends were soldiers,
so I just took classes, read books, studied my major and other things. That was just a prosaic life, without incident. Looking back on it now, it was quite a stupid period. We can’t live without any refreshing experiences. I would do my best to meet friends, and participate in events in my major department, if I could do it again.

Q. I have a question about relationships with friends and seniors in my major department!
A. First, you have many chances to become better friends in university, such as preparation of reports in class, spending spare time together between classes, and talking about things in a pub over beer. Next, you have a few chances to become intimate with elders, such as an Opening Lecture General Meeting, introduction events for seniors and new students, and Membership Training (MT). If you want to improve relationships with elders, just call and ask for lunch. During lunch time, you can have a chance to become familiar with them. This university culture, in which elders buy lunch for freshmen, is traditional in Korean universities.

Q. I have heard that university grades are so important. How can I earn good grades?
A. While your grade on the SAT and your high school records are important only to enter university, the grades in university are very important for getting a job, which is an important gateway in your life. You can basically earn 21 credits for every semester, special credits because of certifications, and vacation session credits. In the first grade, many students don’t study their major and liberal arts well, because they don’t understand how to self-administer and the importance of grades. So you can earn high grades with small effort. So there is no need to overtax your strength and get stressed about grades. Just enjoy your classes by preparing reports, discussing things, taking liberal arts, and so on.

By Kim Dae-gon, Reporter

김대곤  rlaeorhs21@nate.com

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