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Kang Dae-Woong won a prize of excellent oral presentation
Kang Dae-Woong (Master‘s Program 2) majoring in Environmental Engineering at CWNU won a prize for excellent oral presentation from the 2010 summer conference of the American Industrial Hygiene Association held at Korea University (KU) between Aug. 26 and Aug. 27. Korean Industrial Hygiene Association announced that the oral presentation of Kang Dae-Woong on a case related to the Improvement of Ventilation Strategy for Welding in Reactor Lower was excellent and contributed greatly to industrial hygiene, and thus it earned an award for excellent oral presentation.

1. I really congratulate you on this award. Would you please give me your impressions about winning of prize, first of all?
- How are you? I am Kang Dae-Woong, studying in the Master’s program at the Department of Environmental Engineering at CWNU. Firstly, I would like to express my thanks to Professor Kim Tae-Hyung, Dr. Ha Hyeon-Cheol, and the graduate school family, and furthermore I hope to deliver my special appreciation to senior Kim Jong-Cheol who helped me practice the presentation diligently for this presentation’s award.

2. Freshmen and undergraduate students are strangers to the “Korean Industrial Hygiene Association.” So, could you inform them about about this association?
- Korean Industrial Hygiene Association was established in 1990, aiming at industrial hygiene’s development and worker health protection, and an academic society that is researching about engineering technology issues in order to improve working environments. This association is dealing with various kinds of research, such as an analysis of working environmental conditions’ effects on workers, occupational diseases prevention, overwork’s preclusion, productivity enhancement, etc. I understand that the Departments of Environmental Engineering and Biochemistry Health at CWNU are participating in this research.

3. Would you simply explain about the presentation contents at the conference?
- As nuclear power generation generates a lot of heat and pressure and has involves a danger of radioactivity leakage, welding technology from safety aspects is important. My study was aimed at setting up an effective ventilation strategy because the welding work installing nozzles to the reactor’s lower shell was compromising workers’ health owing to the occurrence of welding fumes from inappropriate ventilation.

4. If there were hard things or helpful ones while preparing for the conference, please tell us about them.
- Upon requests of workers who were getting unusually tired after welding work at the lower shell, I started this study after getting a diagnostic request of ventilation from the EHS team. As workers and environment managers together gave positive cooperation for smooth research, there were no special difficulties. I ate meals in the company all the time because there were no restaurants near the company.

5. Please speak concretely if you have future activity plans or on-processing work now.
- Industrial ventilation laboratory in Department of Environmental Engineering at CWNU to which I belong now are doing a lot of ventilation diagnosis objecting to domestic leading companies. Currently this laboratory is processing researches on the ventilation improvement for the workplace of lead storage battery, and I will write a thesis based on these results.

6. Finally, as there are many students who are preparing for such conferences at CWNU, please kindly give any advice, if you want to say something to them.
- Almost all academic societies at present are commonly low in the participation rate. Therefore, it seems to be important to students of engineering colleges especially to accumulate experiences while participating in academic societies by means of posters and presentations, etc. and participating in many projects there.

Ko Hye-Young  khy2846@changwon.ac.kr

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