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I met Kim Gil-Gon, a security guard at the College of Arts.

1. What were the difficult aspect s fo working as a security guard?

- There were a lot of difficulties. But I can not remember because you suddenly came. Now, there aren't any, but one incident was when students put money into vending machine, and they didn't get te change, so they put hydrochloric acid and the vending machine was out of order. That time was very difficult.

2. What do you think about CCTV system?
- We think that CCTV system is a bad idea. From the point of view of campus police, we lose our jobs. Also, it is bad in many aspects. We can't help it because it is enforced by the government.

3. What are your future activities?
- An order comes from the general affairs section. Maybe, we will work as staff of headquarters.The date is uncertain, but in the near future, we will be contacted.

4. Do you feel sorry about leaving the security staff?
- Unsatisfied feeling is that now, we should work with people with high status, so it bothers us.

5. What would you like to tell the students?
- Our university has a lot of quite kind students. I'm happy that students are always friendly to us. However, there are some female students who smoke recklessly, even in the presence of professors, and throw the cigarette butts everywhere. I hope they clean up their acts.

Sung Jae-Ho  zzangpkpk@changwon.ac.kr

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