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‘Lee Ye-Won’ Selected to Member of the National Table Tennis Team
Lee Ye-Won(Dept. of Physical Education, 07) was selected to a member of the national table tennis in the selection last ‘Asian university table tennis Championship’ that it having opened to Gam-Gol gymnasium in Ansan City of Gyeonggi-do from April 2 until 4th. 13 players had passed the first selection who participated in the last selection, and 3 players were selected to the national table tennis among them.

Lee Yea-Won player Recorded 9 wins and 3 losses. She was selected with the 3rd next to Moon So-Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, 10 wins and 2 losses ), Sung Ji-Hye (Catholic University of Daegu, 9 wins and 3 losses). They will participate in The 2nd Asian university table tennis Championship opening from July 2 until 6th for 4 days in Hong-Kong.

1. What was your impression that you were selected to a member of the national table tennis team?
-I am a senior year in university now. Therefore I am too glad, because participate in the last Championship.

2. Is it anything that you were hard most?
- As I thought that it was the last opportunity, I always had a lot of pressure. I also was very anxious about this opportunity. And as there was continuously a game, I am tired, and stress got very much, but thank you to a lot of people help me.
Specially, I want to tell that thank you to the seniors and juniors who exercised together. Coach and the professor who gave help always thank me, and I cannot forget in with the groups which teammate participated with me. I everyone thank you again.

3. To prepare for this championship, what do you do?
-I ,as usual, do my vest in physical strength training, because I defensive player. In spite of defensive player, I practiced a mash for weak offensive power very much while preparing this championship. Therefore, I think that was successful.

4. Why do you want to table tennis player?
-I was started by an advice of two grade of elementary school.
-When I was two grads of elementary schools, I have been persuaded by teacher to join the table tennis club. But I think that it was decision most important in my lives.

5. What do you have a dream?
-I just always have the dream that I join a business table tennis team and a professional team. I am not alone in these dreams.

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