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Memorial rooms for Sewol ferry

There are opposing views to moving Sewol ferry memorial rooms. With the back to school season upon us, Danwon High School has to confront a critical decision between retention and removing. Danwon High School decided to keep classrooms for the memory of students and teachers who were victims of the Sewol ferry until an honor-graduation for them after the last two years. However, bereaved families of Danwon rejected an honor-graduation for this year. They said “There are still missing people under the ferry and these rooms are not only for cherishing our teenagers but also maintaining awareness.” A parents’ association of Danwon High is stressing, “It’s time to hand over the classrooms for junior students. I feel sorry to say, but we see memorial rooms’ as having a bad influence on students. To protect the right to study and to solve insufficiency of classrooms, we press the education office for a right answer.” The development of the situation is being watched with keen interest.

Sarah Park  msjwk9497@naver.com

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