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There are many idol groups, consisting of several girls, in the world of singers such as the Girls Generation, the Wonder Girls, the After School, the Brown Eyed Girls, the T-ara, the Kara, the 4 minutes, the 2NE1, the f(x). It is in the height of fashion. Surprisingly, the half of these groups made a spectacular debut in 2009. Nowadays, we can easily listen to their music on television, internet, mp3 player, and radio. Their albums are occupying high ranks on the chart this week. For example, their albums make 40 percent of Top 20 charts of M.net, a total music entertainment company. And we can easily watch them in public entertainment program on television. The present state is more frequent in the cable television.

They have charming appearance. In addition, they have outstanding singing and dance ability. For instance, the Brown Eyed Girls made a pot of money: almost ten billion won. They have gained in popularity for three months. The ‘abracadabra’, their song in vogue, have been in great demand in cellular phone ringtone, online download, and music market. In addition, the Wonder Girls pushed into the American music market in June. They took part in “North America Tour Concert” of Jonas Brothers, popular group in U.S.A. Recently, they participated in Tori Burch’s fashion party in New York. Tori Burch is a celebrity in fashionable society in U.S.A.

A music critic said “The current topic in the musical society is many idol groups, consisting of several girls. Owing to a withdrawal of Park Jae-Beom who is a member of 2PM and a plagiarism controversy about G-Dragon’s song “Heartbreaker,” this trend will keep up for some time.

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