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Autumn, the Season of Festival and ReadingTips | Guide for Foregin Students and Freshmen
A woman takes a book from a library. How about traveling with instructive books.
The cool wind in the morning and evening makes us feel that the autumn has come when we put on long sleeve shirt. Autumn is called the season of “Cheongomabi” which means that the sky is clear and horses are growing stout, a season of abundance.

Autumn is the season of reading and the season of harvest. In autumn when both mind and heart become rich, many festivals are held. So, autumn is called the season of festival. In September which is the threshold of autumn, festivals take place across the country. Here, I introduce you various regional festivals as colorful as the abundant harvest.

Chrysanthemums are greeting passers-by on the street. We find that the autumn is much closer whenever we see them while walking on the road. Chrysanthemums, the most typical flower of autumn, are the themes of festival at Dotseom(island) Autumn Festival of Masan in October.

The Chrysanthemum Festival, which is held under the theme “Green Masan Overflowing with Hope, Chrysanthemum Festival”, ushers people into the world of hundred millions of wild chrysanthemums of various colors covering the entire island.

Chrysanthemum shuttle bus and Flower wagon services are offered to boost the cheerful ambience of festival, including the wild chrysanthemum ferry service from the island to the land.

At the festival site, 7 exhibition halls showcase the superiority of Masan chrysanthemums, along with various see-worthy and enjoyable events including national flower concert, maritime firework displays, flower art festival, international Korean traditional music award, the 1st chrysanthemum singing contest, Chrysanthemum literature festival, Chrysanthemum fine art festival, Chrysanthemum photographing contest, the 8th tea aroma festival of Korea and others.

Besides, a variety of foods are offered in many events, such as Chrysanthemum food making, Sanguk Pork sampling, Chrysanthemum tea sampling, Chrysanthemum wine sampling, and others.
In addition, many festivals will be held in Busan and Daegu. To begin with Daegu International Body Painting Festival, many festivals will spice up the ambience of autumn, including Daegu International Opera Festival, Colorful Daegu Festival 2009, Palgongsan(Mt.) Maple Festival, Chimsan(Mt.) Evening Glow Festival, Tea Culture Festival and others. How about enjoying the festivals along with the fresh and pleasant autumnal weather?

Autumn is also called the season of “Cheongomabi” which means that the sky is clear and horses are growing stout. Autumn is the season of abundance with plenty of tasteful food to eat. “Autumn gizzard” is the most typical food of autumn because this fish is the most delicious in autumn when the fish becomes fat.

Also, “Bamjeot” which is the intestine of gizzard is very popular ingredient in Gimchi made in winter and delicious very much if served along with wine or liquor. In addition, “Bamjeot” is loved by women, as well as lovers of wine, because it removes hangover after drinking and improves skin health.

In Masan Fish Festival that runs for three days from September 10 to 12, many mature gizzards can be tasted, and furthermore, various see-worthy things and enjoyable events are offered.
“Immerse yourself as fully as possible at the threshold of autumn and enjoy reading in autumn”
In autumn, the season of reading books, many different festivals are held, too. How about reading books in this autumn to enrich your heart and soul?
I recommend some books which are good to read while taking a sip of coffee. “Twinkling”, “Falling Evening”, and “Holy Garden” of Ecuni Gaori stimulate sensibilities much more if read in autumn.

“That Was a Love” written by Han Bia has already been the best seller for 7 weeks. It is a honest, simple, and warm-hearted story. Her book demonstrates that one can write excellently and fantastically without marshalling all sorts of flowery words. So, her writings seem full of powerful energy.

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