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Privacy or Human rights?

There was a national outrage due to attacking young kids by a kindergarten teacher in In-cheon. As a consequence, the government has recently announced that they will increase the number of CCTVs which are currently installed in only 20% percent of the whole kindergarten by 100% in order to observe any wrongdoing. The majority of the people are in favor of the new policy however, the debate about human rights and privacy issues is still going on. What is your opinion?

It is definitely necessary to Install CCTVs in kindergarten to protect human rights of children, since children are not good at expressing themselves. Without CCTVs, the current incident that occurred in Incheon couldn’t be revealed. Also, where there are no CCTVs, there would be no way to know what happens exactly. However, the existence of CCTVs can provide surveillance and inhibit improper behavior. Through CCTVs, parents can observe what’s going on in the kindergarten so that they can trust teachers with their children. Of course, it is required that enough discussion should be needed due to the invasion of privacy. Even now, maybe there is another child abuse that takes place where we don’t know. Therefore the settlement of child protective system is urgent and installing CCTVs is the first step to do it.

Kim Tae-hee (Dept. of Nursing Science)

I’m opposed to installing CCTVs in all kindergartens. I think it doesn’t have any effect as a method to resolve child abuse. Seeing the accident in In-cheon day care center, installing CCTVs can’t even prevent child abuse and the CCTVs just can be used as an evidential data after the accident occurs. In this situation, it can’t be a fundamental way for an eradication of child abuse. Taking other measures seems to be needed more than installing CCTVs. A standard of nursing teacher needs to be upgraded because a process to acquire certificate of nursing teacher is easy and short. Even they can get the certificate by taking internet lectures. In the case of In-cheon nursing teacher that caused controversy, she studied for 6 months a year and got a second-degree certificate. After 3 years, she was promoted to a first-degree. If people who instruct growing children have a proper attitude as a teacher, we can prevent a situation like this accident.

by Han sang-hee, Dept. of Fine art

Lee Ha-eun  lovehaeun0126@gmail.com

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