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THE RUINS PROJECT is on view in the Gyeongnam Art Museum. (GAM) What is THE RUINS PROJECT? It’s an exhibit that showcases works on environmental issues, and tells us we need to think about our environment now. This project is scheduled to be held it until December 2nd.
The Image exhibit room and the first exhibition hall focused on ruins scenery. It mentioned physical ruins that occurred at a construction site as well as psychological ruins in our lives. The four-river refurbishment project is representative of physical ruins. The four- river refurbishment project is the multi-purpose green growth project on the Han River (Korea), Nakdong River, Geum River and Yeongsan River in South Korea. But this project is not a green growth project. Instead, so much of the ecosystem was ruined. <Listen to the city> in THE RUINS PROJECT looks at the severity of ruins as well as interrupted ruins of production.
The second exhibition hall focuses on the boundaries of life. Due to construction, they lost the homestead that had been passed down to us for generations. <Don’t touch> in the second exhibition hall shows these subjects. The flag in the <Don’t touch> was at stake. Their homestead was like a tilted flag because of children playing with sand. It is a shot at four-river refurbishment project. For the enjoyment of their own, result of innocently enjoying play with sand makes dangerous scenery.
Special exhibition hall and the third exhibition hall focus on compulsive development. Developing a new space is that removes the previous ones, makes new ones. However, that can lead to life-threatening consequences. <Article 14 of the Criminal Code> summoned life-threatened and shows us a dying life because of four-river refurbishment project. This work represents a stuffed mallard that disappeared from the Nakdong River. Rivers may appear stark and lifeless, but they provide a valuable habitat for plants and animals. THE RUINS PROJECT gives great lessons for us. How important is development or the environment to us?
Meanwhile, in addition, GAM displays Gong-Barahmildah, posthumous work exhibition of Byun Sang Bong, and the currently active artist exhibition of Im man jae – bowl, permeate daily life. GAM is open from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and has a scheduled holiday every Monday. A special holiday for Exhibition preparation period is December 6~10.

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