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1. Department of Nursing Science will have a play performance during festival period. They will play guitar and sing a song together while guests are drinking. People who are in the Dept of Nursing Science’s bar, Healing Camp, can enjoy this romantic mood, and all of these people should love this guitar play. It will be played from 9:30 pm. To 10:30, Wednesday and Thursday.

2. Department of Tax Management will operate a special bar. Contrasted with other departments, Dept. Of Tax Management will sell only Mac-gul-li which is a Korean traditional alcoholic drink. Their main idea of the bar is to have a traditional atmosphere. They will sell Mac-gul-li added with honey, called honey Mac-gul-li, and they’ll also sell Korean traditional food such as pajeon, Pan-Fried Potato, etc. Their bar’s interior will be like a Korean traditional house using Han-gi, and they plan to hang some oriental art work on the wall.

3. Department of Sociology will have a play performance at Triangle Park in front of building 1 in Changwon University. This performance is held annually, and it has been performed for decades. Dept. Of Sociology students who act in this performance practice very hard for the festival. Although all of the actors amateurs, the performance looks perfect because of their hard training and enthusiasm. Just enjoy this interesting performance!

4. Department of Mechanical Engineering will a have special event in front of their bar. They’ll turn on the club music very loudly, and dance together. Other people who pass the bar can also enjoy dancing. It is always congested near their bar. Last year, they gave bracelets to women in front of the bar. People who have the bracelet could get discounts on some menu items. We expect they will have these kinds of special events this year.

5. Department of Japanese Language & Literature’s bar looks just like other departments, but there are some special things in this bar. Every festival period, students operate a Japanese bar. And especially freshmen, they wear Japanese traditional clothes, yocata, so people can see interesting looks in this bar. Also, they make traditional Japanese food, ta-co-ya-cchi, which is made of octopus and flour. So if you want to feel something peculiar, I recommend Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature’s bar.

6. Department of Food & Nutrition will operate two kinds of stores. One is a bar and the other one is a bakery.

As their major is related with making food, they usually make some bread and sell it at the entrance of the parking area. The taste is fantastic, so their bread usually sells out very quickly.

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