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want to be a Silver-Tongued OratorI hope

by Kim Bit-Na
Dept. of Information & Technology engineering

I want to be a leader like as President Barack Obama who can move all people’s hears. I also want to be not a dictator he use his power to do at ones convenience to people but a wise and trustworthy leader to everyone. Usually, we say that the leader must be speak well. Of course. the leader should be a good speaker can deliver his opinions well and if other’s opinion is different with his opinion, he also can persuade other.

But persuasion is not as easy as you would like it to be. It can not possible to make a long-winded explanation. It must be a speech can be move people’s hearts. People do not concentrate on the speech that the non-logical, the baseless and a groundless claim, However, however logical the speech may be, just logic can not move people’s hearts. It is a failure. The leader can have much reasonable appeal by logic and have much emotional appeal by sensitivity. If you can do like this other trust you and follow you without dread. I was confidence that “I am good at speech. I already get the ability to deliver my thinking. “ But nowadays, I feel about my limitation to speak; a trite expression, a hackneyed phrase. May I need to effort to be a silver-tongued orator through reading, various experience and study. when I was full of admiration about others speech, I felt a kind of a breakdown and thought like that why I can not speak like that? why I do not think like that? I also want to speak very fluently like them. But he also may be not a good at speech at beginning. He has ever done hardly to be a good leader. Then how I can a good leader? It is never a good ways to memorize one’s lines by force. The speech through whole my hearts can touch a string in heart and strike a chord with to people. To be a leader like that, I want to become the person have lots of knowledge for every the state of things, wide consideration and fair judgment. I must persevere in my efforts. I will be a person can bring a matter to a peaceful settlement by mutual understanding timely and in proper position.

Kim Bit-Na  -

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