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Lounging AroundView of A foreign Teacher
There is a common English expression: lounging around. For example, "He's just lounging around", or "Don't lounge around. Do something useful." What does this expression mean? According to the dictionary, the verb “to lounge” means to be lazy or idle. In other words, to describe someone as lounging around is a criticism. It means that he or she is wasting time.

It is generally true that lounging around is a useless activity. I have found an exception to this rule, however, right here at CWNU. Lounging around at CWNU can be a very valuable experience? If you lounge around at the English Lounge. For most Koreans who wish to learn English, the hardest part is finding the confidence to use their English skills outside of a classroom situation. Fear, insecurity, and embarrassment prevent students from using what they have learned in a real-life setting.

This is especially true when it is so much easier for Korean students simply to speak to one another in their native language. Why take the risk of speaking English poorly, when you can just speak Korean?

The English Lounge offers a near-perfect solution to this problem. The Lounge is a dimly lit, stylishly furnished room, designed like a large, comfortable cafe. Students are welcome to come and relax, chat with friends, play games, or watch a movie during their free time on campus. There is only one difference between this lounge and dozens of others in the area: only English is allowed. The informal atmosphere helps students relax and overcome their social fears. And the English-only rule encourages them to do what anyone who studies English hopes to be able to do, namely to have a casual conversation in his or her new language.

Teachers from the Language Education Center are in the Lounge every day, and are happy to chat with anyone who would like to get to know a foreigner. And not only LEC teachers can be found there! In my short time at CWNU, I have met a Korean English teacher, a Chinese chef, and a man who designs ship engines? All at the English Lounge.

So, surprisingly, CWNU is one university where lounging around is one of the most useful activities you can choose to do on campus. Come and join us, and come often.

Daren Jonescu  -

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