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I hope to publish my essay bookI hope

Since I was young, I had dreaming of writing an autobiographical book for publication, titled "My Life". Even though, the theme of this book is not related to what I had studying in the University in the field of Computer Engineering, but it seems to show my friendhood's life.

With my own small book, I can share my opinion with many people in the world. Moreover, this book can do positive effects on somebody's life.

While we are living, sometimes I forget my acquaintance's existence and sometimes my acquaintance forget me. However they will have remembered for a long time with my autobiography. In addition, base on my Auto biographical, I can recall my past time and can do more constructive things than before. Because of these reasons, I had written poems or proses since I was a high school student. I had uploading diary entries to my Cyworld Homepage these days.

After finishing army service, I made many friends both korean and foreigner in CNU where foreign students are hired such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and so on. Until now, we had showing regardness. Inspite, some of them had returned back their homecountry, we still had contacting each other.

During study, we help each other mutually. sometime I try my best to explain something to my friends and vice versa. These activities are not only skill, and basis and cultural knowledge have been updated, but also English has been improved from time to time.

Student life is funny and meaningful in my life. Our friendship become closer and closer from day to day due to playing sports, shoppings, chatting, and looking after each other while those where getting sick. It is unforgettable and invaluable.>

When I publish my own essay book someday, I'd like to contain all of my works.

Even though, when I read an essay which I wrote in long time ago, sometimes, I feel ashamed, but I'm trying to have a confidence in my works, which are achievements in my valuable life.

I think that good writing skill like a famous writer is not important matter for me in publishing an essay book. Instead of a good writing skill, Writting an autobiography honestely will be the most important matter.

Even though I can't earn money from my book, I'm sure that it is worth investing in publishing. Because my own book in which includes my life and my way will make my life more valuable.

Shim Young-Seok  taky91@naver.com

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