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Nobody is PerfectTo the Readers

Nobody is perfect in our worlds. Someone who believes their own ability thinks he can do everything by oneself without other’s helps. Maybe he can get the good solution of math problems alone. However there are so many things which can not be solved alone. One is good at the field of design and plan, while another is good at the field of speech and presentation. Some are good at computer programming. But nobody is perfect. Of course, some people are good at so many fields such as planning, art, writing and English. In addition, he may do speech well and has good personal relations.

It may be so, but they are also not complete and need other’s helps someday. Now this world become marvelously developing at every field and stress the need of expertise at the field. So we need to work together and discuss a controversial issue with each other. And we have to know how to respect other’s opinion and solve the view conflict.

I want CNU to know these, and all of us can live in concordance with every kind of people. As we are not perfect and we are not sure what will happen in the future, we do not have to ignore other. Although you have a great ability and you are in perfect condition, you must know how to help others. Now everything is good, someday, you would get other’s helps.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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