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Old Wisdom&New EnergyTo the Readers

How was your chuseok and all-together festival? Although a typhoon started to blow, the festival fever spread throughout the whole CNU. So soon, good chuseok finished and fantastic festival also finished. After the festival, a midterm examination time is nearing. Our readers may make a ceaseless effort to prepare themselves for an examination.

I also make a ceaseless effort to make the paper more useful. Not long ago, I read the scrap book of the campus journal from 1990. Wow.. it was a wonderful discovery. Although it is a thing of the past, it is an article of high standard and composition of the paper is also good. And our senior’s ability of writing and editing is honorable and excellent as compared with us. So there are many things to learn. Through the old newspaper, I can also know how faithful and passionate our seniors are. And I want to be a senior having the article read from our juniors in the future and to be a good guide that can be referred to as one who make new “the campus journal”.

Lately, we recruited passionative 23rd cub reporters. We will persevere in our efforts to make new and eye-catching paper with cub reporters. Especailly we are going to make with them from number 123rd issue. All of us do our best and give you new and good information with new energy.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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