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Awaken the sleeping giant within you
Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The biggest tragedy is not the great waste of natural resources. The biggest tragedy is the waste of human resources.” He pointed out that the average person goes to his grave with much of his music still in him. So, unfortunately, the most beautiful melodies of all are the unplayed ones. For a long time I thought the most tragic thing that could happen to a man during his lifetime would be to discover an oil well or a gold mine on his property as he lay on his death bed. Now I know that it is infinitely worse to never discover the vastly greater wealth that lies within the individual.

A number of years ago, oil was discovered on some property that belonged to an old man. All of his life the old man had been poverty-stricken, but the discovery of oil suddenly made him a very wealthy man. One of the first things he did was buy himself a big car. The old man wanted the longest car in the territory, so he added four spare tires on the back. Every day he would drive into his little town. He wanted to see everyone and be seen by everyone. He was a friendly old soul, so when riding through town he would turn both left and right to speak to everyone in sight. As a matter of fact, he would turn all the way around and speak to folks, Interestingly enough, he never ran into or over anybody. He never did any physical damage or any property damage. The reason is simple. Directly in front of that big, beautiful automobile, there were two horses-pulling it. Because he never learned how to insert the key and switch on the ignition. Inside the car were a hundred hores – ready and willing to go, but the old man was using two horses on the outside. Many people make the mistake of looking outside to find two horsepower when they should look inside where they have over a hundred.

A dime and a thousand pieces of gold have the same value if they are corroding at the bottom of the ocean. The difference in value is manifested only when you lift those coins up and use them as they were intended to be used. Your value becomes real and marketable when you learn to reach within yourself and utilize the enormous potential that is there.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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