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Scrap Your PassionateTo the Readers
Motivation is what gets you start something. Habit is what keeps you going. As an editor in chief of CNU campus journal, I want to publish a newspaper which can deliver a substantial news. To begin with this job, I get into a habit of pasting newspaper clippings into a scrapbook .

First, I just want to keep the article which was written carefully by our reporters. Also I know the scrap makes me look back over the past in our newspaper and then we can do our best to make more great planning of next issue.
So we would get more affection of our newspapers. Scrapbooks are one of the finest ways to put life and abode in order. Also a good scrapbook is interesting and inspiring even to the stranger. Without a good scrapbook, many that are memorable in life are forgotten or damaged or lost... And as soon as you see this article, why don’t you try a scrap? Make your own scrapbook with everything brimmed with your enthusiasm. You can think back on the old days and you can remember vividly how hard you worked and happily lived every second count in the remote future.

Scrapbook is both a good habit of keeping you going and a great motivation to persevere in your efforts for your life.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.a.kr

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