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Difference Between Wise and SmartTo the Readers
Twenty-three years old! Up to now, I have never achieved things easily. Sometimes, I consider the difference between being wise and being smart. I define myself as a smart person rather than a wise one.

So far as I know, to be smart is to be bright and to be wise is to understand life. If I were a wise person, I would never undertake an ill-advised and uncertain plan in the first place.

There is a big difference between wise and smart. A wise man does not get involved in the difficult life of playing the percentages with himself. He also avoids acting against his own will.

On the other hand, the smart man can find the proper way to reach a goal, but then he just follows through to the results. This means that he goes ahead without being aware of when to stop. This is one reason that his life is harder than others. If you don't know whether you are wise or not, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

Are you more sensitive than others? Can you grasp the situation and face up to reality? Do you at least do this better than the average person? If so, you are a wise man. If you are reckless and have a tendency to seek something you want, and to trust yourself, although you have held contrary opinions, there is a possibility that you are a smart man.

I am a girl with ambition. If I were a wise girl, I would not be all worn out. However, I am not a wise girl, so my life has been very, very hard. But it is not bad for me to go through terrible hardships.

There's an old saying, "It does a young man good to suffer some privations in the world." Although my body is tired, because of my wild schemes and ambitions, I prefer to live this way. I like the song, 'You in a fantasy' by Seo Tai-ji. Its lyrics say that you have to be new. Make your figure beautiful and renew your challenges. I like this lyric. I always want to face challenges and do my best at this moment.

Ock Jin-Young  Merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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