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Prof. Lee-Kyung’s study introduced in an International Scientific Journal

The presentation of the results of Professor Lee-Kyung(Dept. of Microbiology) was introduced in an international scientific journal. It’s fantastic that Korean study results were intro duced in this scientific journal. The study was the first one that revealed a bacillus differentiate mushroom’s form. They explained Microbiology’s special environmental adaptation and evolution by proving molecule and cell’s level. Now in laboratory, they are studying related gene about bacillus’s development.

by. Kim E-Seul

Dept. of Korean Language & Literature’s Night with Poetic Painting Exhibition

Dept. of Korean Language & Literature’s night with Poetic painting Exhibition was held from November 9th to 13th. Poetic painting exhibition’s local plan was at 11th building(College of Humanities) garden. However, because of rain, it was displayed next to the elevator on the 1st floor. Dept. of Korean Language & Literature’s night was held on November 13th at PM 6:00. It was played at the theater in BongRimGwan by freshmen and sophomore’s lead. Dept. of Korean Language & Literature’s people prepared for this event in July. Main stage was a play ‘Bong i Kim sundal’, and Dept. of Korean Language & Literature’s people hold lots of events. Many music and dances make us happy.

by Kim E-Seul

UCC Contest of Celebrating The 40th Anniversary of CWNU Prize Winner Announced

CWNU greeted the 40th Anniversary. CWNU hold the contest titled ‘UCC Contest of Celebrated The 40th Anniversary of CWNU’, from September 21st until October 31st. The aim of contest is to enhance creativity and various ability of participants, making use of advertising contents of CWNU. The contest was in three kinds of a section (UCC, photo, catchphrase) and the contest participant section ran in separately by students and citizens. On 16th, prize winner of contest was announced. Announcement is that 5 teams of UCC section, 5 teams of photo section, 7 teams of catchphrase section will be chosen. UCC section do not exist in the student participant team. And the citizen 5 teams were chosen. Photo section chose a citizen participant team, the student participant 4 teams. Catchphrase section chose the citizen participant 6 teams, the student participant 1 team.
And a ceremony of awarding prizes schedule and place will be announced individually to each prize winner of contest.

by Ryu Seug-Bong

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