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Contributions to Neighbors in Need

CNU staff and faculty members displayed true example of generosity for neighbors. CNU contributed 2.8 million KRW, which is accumulated by way of returned salary, to Dongbowon(Children Welfare Facility), Dongjin(Welfare Facility), Sungsimwon(Elderly Welfare Facility), Cheonsaui Jip (Disabled Welfare Facility) on 24th of this month. Park Sung-Ho, the President of CNU, commented when he visited Dongbowon, The most important thing for children is care and love. CNU will support the facility with true sincerity so that the children can realize their dreams. CNU faculty members have been giving up part of their monthly salaries for disadvantaged neighbors since last April. The accumulated amount is given to campus interns or as donations.

by Kang In-Jung

Repairs of Signposts and Building Signs

CNU had not have enough signposts which tell the way to destination, so many outsiders had difficulty in finding their way. In addition, previous building signs had been indicated with numbers; the strangers did not know the use of buildings. Recently, the officials of facility affairs section of CNU established 8 signposts and 28 building signs for the purpose of solving these problems. You can see signposts at the important location of CNU. If you have dissatisfaction about the signposts and the building signs, you can get in touch with official of facility affairs section.

by Ahn Seong-Bin

Scholarship to be Granted

The foundation Baek-yeop will select Beak-yeop scholarship students. The foundation Beak-yeop said Beak-yeop scholarship’s purpose is to grow students who become important people in part of science technology. Scholarship requirement of University and graduate school students is that student who apply for Beak-yeop scholarship must be in school, located in Gyung-nam, and only 10 students will be selected.

Scholarship will supply student’s university registration fee this year. To get scholarship, written application, president letter of recommendation, self-introducing document, certificate of studentship or certificate of result, score ceryificate of TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS are required. Submit the required documents by mail or in person by Oct. 13th. If you need more information of Beak-yeop scholarship, call the foudation Beak-yeop 055-211-2694.

by Hwang Dong-Hyun

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