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Womenfls Day, The First Festival of 2010 Spring!

Monday, women’s day event was held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Bongrim square. 3.8 women’s day was initially announced to promote
the status of international women.
It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of female workers.

In 1910 the first international women’s conference was held by the Second International and an ‘International Women’s Day’ was established,
which was proposed by the socialists. The following year, 1911 international women’s day was held, on March 19. Since then
from 1913 the day changed to Mar 8th and spread to the whole world. The female student body of CWNU also celebrated women’s day.

On this day many events were held. In addition to publicity activities about special monthly leave for women including making phone accessories about menstruation cycle, calculating about women of childbearing age, there were many events such as learning a self-defense martial art
with Sun-rang club, answering ox quiz, learning self-diagnosis about health problems, distributing publicity information pamphlet, and offering a free coffee and bread and beverage and cotton candy. This year student’s participation was more than last year because food events and self-defense martial art were diversified.

Right at the time events started, Bongrim square was so quiet. It was not long before students were intrigued.
Students knew this event was meaningful and fun. So when events were going halfway, many students joined these events so Bongrim square was nearly packed. Kim Yeon-Ji who took part in this event (Dept. of Tax Management, 09) said “I don’t know this event was held last year. By the way, when I participated, I learn many things.
The things I learned today will remain in my mind for life.

Women’s day event is a big business that was prepared by female student body.
So preparation was very hard and this was a very meaningful day to the president of female student body. Joo Ji-Young, president of the female
student body, said
“The first step for women to love themselves is to know themselves. We prepared this event to let all the people know international women’s day and recover women’s rights and interests.”

Choi Duck-Yoon  smduckmail@naver.com

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