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New president of E.W.C will be elected on Thursday

The 6th election of Employment Welfare Committee(E.W.C) will take place on Thursday, March 18. A new president and a vice president of E.W.C are to be chosen in this election. The election schedule is as follows.

The registration period was from March 3 to 9 and the campaign period is from March 10 to 17. On March 18, a secret vote will be progressed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Unfortunately, 250 student representatives who consist of departmental student representative and delegation of a general student association only have voting right. Because a small number of voters participate in election, a method of voting is letter ballot.

Lee Hyeon-Ho(Dept. of Industrial & System Engineering) and Kim Cheong-Soo(Dept. of Chemistry) presented 'You & I' as a catch phrase. Their the election pledges are divided into three parts; employment, welfare, and graduation. In employment part, they will provide chances of mock aptitude test, employment camp, campus recruiting, employment information sms(short message service), resume correction clinic and employment fair. In welfare part, they will provide chances of English speaking test lecture, mock TOEIC, You & I festival, free lending service. In graduation part, they plan to introduce the bidding system for graduation tour. In addition, they will practice transparent management in production of album.

Park Si-Hwacn(Dept. of Economics) and Shin Myung-Jin(Dept. of German Language & Literature) presented 'No. 1' as a catch phrase. Their the election pledges are divided into four parts; employment, welfare, education, and graduation. In employment part, they plan to publish 'employment welfare information magazine' and hold employment fair and improve homepage and visit companies in Gyeongnam province. In welfare part, they plan to increase vending machine, install door-lock, and operate free umbrella conscientiously. In education part, they will provide chances of make-up lecture, mock aptitude test, resume correction clinic and applying for an certificate examination together. In graduation part, they plan to increase additional picture-taking and free make-up, and send album by home-delivery service.

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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