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Fighting carried on 'Open Recruitment and Club Room Tour'

On Mar. 3-5, Fighting which is association of Clubs ran 'Open Recruitment and Club Room Tour' to introduce the freshmen to club. They originally plan to carry on open recruitment on Mar. 3-4 for 2days. But it rained on Mar. 4. So Fight was carried on open recruitment in front of Bongrim Student Hall on Mar. 3 and 5, 40 clubs participated in open recruitment to advertise themselves and they showed various performances such as Hiphop.

On Mar. 5, Participation of 29 club and 92 freshmen finished preparation to begin Club Room Tour. Before Club Room Tour, the freshmen ate lunchboxes which Fighting had prepared. Because Club Room Tour was started at 6 p.m. After ate lunchboxes the freshmen took a pamphlet and lottery ticket. At last, Club Room Tour began. The freshmen could visit 29 clubs. They directly visited the club to be located in Bongrim Student Hall and stadium. Through to visit the club, they felt each club's atmosphere and peculiarity.

Fighting distributed the lottery ticket by way of preventing to crow some popular club. If the freshmen take 10 sign that club's president, Fighting give a coupon through drawing. Beside a lottery ticket, they led the freshmen to variety of club for successful program.

After Club Room Tour end, they provided the freshmen with place and time which club's students and the freshmen had fun. The lottery ticket also was drew by club's president. Owners of drawn ticket very joyed. And surrounding students also pleasured.

Ahn Hye-Min, Kim Seong-Hwa(Dept. Environmental Engineering, 10) participating in Club Room Tour said, "Club Room Tour is very fun. Then not shy, because of participating with many students." And Kim Jong-Young(Dept. Manufacturing Engineering, 10) also said, "Because of not alone, not shy." The freshmen told that merit of Club Room Tour was not shy to visited together clubs.

Ryu Sueung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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