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Midterm evaluation of ‘Level up’ student body
  • Seo Su-jin,reporter
  • 승인 2016.06.07 13:59
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The ‘Level up’ student body who cried at the top of their voice that they will ‘level up’ CWNU are making school plentiful. As this issue is the last of the 1st semester in 2016, let’s evaluate the ‘Level up’ student body’s campaign pledge performance. They planned special events and made great and small improvements; despite a short 3-month period, they are making CWNU students satisfied.

First, they keep their finances, which students regard as the most sensitive issue, clearly stated. It is has been a settled deep-rooted distrust and indifference of CWNU students for a long time. Distrust leads to low participation in the events of the student body being carried forward and not paying the student union fee. As a result, the scale of events gets smaller and the quality of provided goods gets poorer. To break out of a vicious circle overbearingly, the ‘Level up’ student body uploads copies of the bankbook, receipts, and student union fee books off- and online. Furthermore, to give the biggest benefit to the ones who paid the student union fee, most events such as a hamburger event during a trial period and the “coming-of-age day” event are held for students who paid dues. A coupon book which was tremendously popular was made to consider the tight budgets of university students. With this, CWNU students can enjoy discount benefits in restaurants, bars, beauty parlors, etc., around the school and in Sangnamdong. Surprisingly, inquires asking how to pay the student union fee have increased. In short, they illuminate financial transparency and they establish trust by providing much bigger benefits to the ones who paid the student union fee. For example, this year’s financial circumstances in CWNU are not enough for some reasons, like a frozen tuition fee, less students, etc. However, they drew up a revised supplementary budget for an artificial schoolyard turf, the biggest pledge.

Secondly, the ‘Level up’ student boy allows students to know what they are planning or doing for CWNU. They won an election with 55 campaign pledges. Now, they upload which promise they kept and what they are doing to keep the promise monthly. It is to let students know how much effort they made for a month. If the pledge seems not to be fulfilled with a proper reason, they notify students of the grounds and provide the second best plan.

Last but not least, the ‘Level up’ student body plans various volunteering activity and interesting events. They build a partnership and provide regular volunteering activities. Also, they held a lantern festival at the dormitory lake which attracted many citizens as well as CWNU students and they held a talk show with Kim Jae-dong, a famous talent.

‘Level up’ student body levels up CWNU in many ways. It deserves to look forward at their walk to come.

Seo Su-jin,reporter  cg0314@naver.com

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