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  • Ji-Won Yoo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 11:18
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CWNU dormitory is divided into old building (1,2,3-dong), new building (4-dong) and BTL (5,6,7-dong) which means rental type is private investment business. Recently, problems which happened in the dormitory was posted on Facebook and the issue is getting attention. Causes of the problem are institutional defects and sense of ownership of the students dormitory, and the caretaker's lack of governance.

First, let's look at the institutional defects. When it rains, the rain leaks through the ceiling. And because of no soundproofing, students sleep fitfully because of the racket in front of the dormitory or they can hear sounds of bathing and singing made in nearby room.

Next, let us look at the lack of sense of ownership of the students dormitory. Eating chicken in front of the dormitory and students don’t clean up after themselves; even ramen noodles can been found in washroom sinks. And it is a No Smoking area but students complain about the smell that comes up. Also, some students climb the balustrade to enter their room after 1am because of the dormitory curfew.

Finally, let's take a look at the caretaker's lack of governance. I think that the caretaker should empty bins in front of the dormitory shortly after they are full, then students won’t leave garbage carelessly around the outside of the bins.

As mentioned above, there are problems about poor construction of the dormitory building and the lack of thorough dormitory management. Among them, I think students who use the dormitory should show some sense of ownership. Thus, I think students should have a consciousness to fix their behavior one by one then these problems will no longer occur.

Ji-Won Yoo, cub-reporter  jwyoo03@naver.com

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