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  • Hun Lee, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.17 13:40
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Every year on April 20th is the Day of People with Disability. Its objectective is to understand seriously about the disabled and to inspire desire for rehabilitation. The reason why April 20th is for the disabled is because April is the best season for all creations on the Earth to live. Meanwhile, in 1981, the United Nations declared it the Year of the World’s Disabled and made ‘Complete attendance and equality’ as its topic. In addition, they encouraged to carry forward the business for the anniversary in the whole world. The week which included this day was decided as the ‘Week for the Disabled’ and it is recommended to enjoy various events. April 8th of this year, at 7 in the evening the 17th Day of the Disabled event ‘Step Together’ was opened which the Department of Special Education supervised in Changwon University 85 Hall. The event started with the opening speech by the president of the Department of Special Education, Sin Jin-sook, and also featured performances of Leaf Biliage Band, a recited poem and interview by Park Yeon-bok, the famous poet who has cerebral palsy, a violin performance, an ensemble performance of violin and piano, a short play for improvement about the disabled, a performance of sign language, a video for improvement of the disabled, and a congruence performance of academy. Furthermore, about 200 people attended. In the event, Lee Da-hye (Dep. of Food and Nutrition) said, “The performance played by the disabled was so beautiful and impressive.” She also said that she got to understand much about the disabled by this opportunity. Generally, we think about the disabled negatively. It is wrong to regard them as incapable people. They just have some discomforts in daily life, but aren’t harmful to our society. Nowadays, disability is a kind of individuality. It is just a little difference, not a bad thing. It is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “It is necessary to make enhancement about human rights and freedom by education to every member of our society.” Also, it is defined in section 26 that, “Object of education is to reinforce respect for human rights and freedom.” Respect to the disabled is not the problem that can be selected. It has to be naturally conformed. Through this event, we can expect that it will spread to a variety of people as this event showed the necessity for improvement for the disabled and aspects of real practice in our society.

Hun Lee, cub-reporter  -

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