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New English Lounge improvements
Do you know about the modified English Lounge?

The English Lounge is located on the 2nd floor in SaLim building. Visitors are required to use only English which helps improve students’ English speaking skills. In addition, students can grasp their English ability precisely and receive help by taking a Level Test and English Clinic. For these reasons, more than 10 subjects administer extra points by checking the participation time for a semester.

However, unlike the original intention, because students visit English Lounge for extra points, they do their personal tasks and assignments instead of using English. Students who want to communicate in English rather mind visiting due to the silent air like a library.

To settle these problems, the English Lounge made a special solution. Visiting time system which was the most problematic has changed. Students should participate in various activities to gain the credited time. Let me introduce these programs.

First of all, there is a speaking study group. The English Lounge tried matching English speaking study groups together for the first time. They opened the book for study groups and matched the applicants based on their level after a level test. Staff help students enhance speaking in English as well as providing the space to study.

Secondly, there is ‘Respond to the English Question!’ When visiting the English Lounge, students pick an English question at the information desk. After preparing for enough time on their answer, when a foreign teacher asks the question, they answer. If the answer is good, they can get a signature from the teacher and get 30 minutes of credit time.

Last but not least, there is memorizing some sentences. Some answers for the TOEIC Speaking question have been prepared. Students can choose one from Level 1 to 6. After memorizing it, they can gain time credit.

The English Lounge continues its efforts to give a hand to students enhancing their English skills and alleviate the fear of using English. In other words, we might very well keep an eye on the effects that the new steps bring to the students.

By Seo Su-jin, reporter

Seo Su-jin  msjwk9497@naver.com

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