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The Team ’Oasis’ was awarded grand prize at PDCES
On January 14th , Product Design Competitive for Engineering Services (PDCES) was held under the auspices of PNU Innovation Center for Engineering Education,
a base center of Southeastern Engineering Education. The team ‘Oasis’ team supported by CWNU Engineering Education Center received the grand prize.

The team ‘Oasis’ consists of 6 members: Lee Chang-Sung(CWUN, Dept. of Mechanical Manufacturing Eng.)
who is a team manager of ‘Oasis’, Park Pan-Gill(CWUN, Dept. of Mechanical Eng.), Jung Chang-Doo(CWUN, Dept. of Mechanical Eng.), Kim Myeong-Su(GNU, Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng.),
Lee Su-Jin(GNU, Dept. of Chemical System Eng.) and Jo Whe-Bong(JNU, Dept. of Vehicle Eng.).
The team participated in the exhibition by the support from Innovation Center for Engineering Education of three universities.

The team ‘Oasis’ developed the drainage hole cover which can minimize heavy rain damage caused by blocked drainage hole in a rainy season of underdeveloped countries.
They also designed a cast that is easy to install and make block type drainage way because local materials can be used.
The team received the grand prize and cash prize 1,000,000\ for its effort. And the team has been in Surabaya of Indonesia for participation of overseas skill service program from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 9th.

This contest is organized to solve the indifference about engineering goods by nurturing international young talents who have capabilities in the filed of engineering.
What is more, this is a student-based science and technology study program to allow students to participate in the global services and to find substantial cure for the problems
that developing countries and local communities face in the present.

Choi Duck-Yoon  Duckyoon1004@changwon.ac.kr

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