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The Controversy over Integration to be continued
In order to gather pulbic opinion, CWNU held a public hearing on Jan.27

Since last December, there were many media reports about integration between Changwon National University(CWNU) and Pusan National University(PNU). They were not official announcements of school but personal opinions of staff. Some members of CWNU said that "We don't understand what's happening in vacation."

More specifically, PNU offered a suggestion about integration last December. A formal signing ceremony was scheduled on January 12. There was a conflict in the process of merging the two universities into one. A formal signing ceremony was cancelled. In an attempt to seek consensus on the issue, CWNU held a public hearing on January 27. At the public hearing, 'Research Society' and 'Professor Delegation' agreed with integration. The alumni association and labor union opposed it strongly. Park Seong-Ho, who is the president of CWNU, made a public statement that he prefers reformation to integration. On January 28, Jeon Hyeong-Joon, the head of the office of planning and cooperation, resigned in opposition to the president. On February 10, 'CWNU Development Forum' was launched.

'CWNU Structural Reform Research Society' said that "Through integration, CWNU can build up brand recognition and status. It takes effect on attracting excellent students and reinforcing the competitiveness of research work. It can help prepare for the governmental structural reform. But it has some problems. I expect that there will be oppositions of CWNU's members. It will cost much money and time in relocating campus. It is still unclear whether the local government will support financial assistances. "

'CWNU Labor Union' said that "Three cities(Changwon, Masan, Jinhae) will be consolidated into one. CWNU is the only national university in this area. Most of the inhabitants are expecting CWNU to play an important role in community. The integration policy should not form a hasty conclusion."
'CWNU Alumni Association' said that "There was no need for haste in integration. If 65,000 alumni, inhabitants, and CWNU's members gather the strength together, CWNU will develop as a top-class university."The controversy over integration between CWNU and PNU has yet to be solved. Nowadays CWNU tries to create enough consensus and gather members' opinions.

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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