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CNU Tuition Freeze Two Consecutive Years

On 14th, Changwon University President Seong-ho Park announced that there will be no increase of tuition fees this year.

This will be the second consecutive year CNU has frozen tuition rates. The university said, "Even if the average tuition fee is 4.1 million won, which is the lowest level among the universities throughout the nation, there will be no increase of tuition fees in order to lessen the financial burden for students and their parents.

As a result, the tuition fees will be frozen for the second consecutive year." Also, the university said, "Instead of increasing the tuition fees, we will reduce the expenses as much as possible by saving the energy spent on campus and maximizing administrative efficiency.

Also, we are going to actively attract national projects and raise funds for developmental sponsorship. " The university emphasized that even if tuition fees are reduced, there should never be any reduction for sponsored projects.

Even as it is carrying out this tightening policy, Changwon University is about to expand the scholarship and the welfare programs for its students, in order to transform itself into a major institution for the development of talented students. Regarding the lack of budget caused by the freezing of tuition fees last year, Changwon University successfully attracted major national projects including the metropolitan economic and industrial development project which was worth approximately 5 billion won and the educational strengthening project worth about 3.8 billion won.

Also, the university actively participated in an energy-saving campaign and received incentives from the government for the early execution of their budget,
in order to provide the missing part of the budget.

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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