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CWNU Records the Best Competitive Rate
CWNU closed its application for admission on Dec 24. CNU earned the competitive rate of 5.55:1 which applies to admission. This was the highest ranking in the province. The competitive rates for admission have been rising since 2008. A report showed the results that 3.41:1 in 2008, 3.71:1 in 2009, and 5.55:1 in 2010.

The competitive rate for admission was each kind of type showed type 'A' 4.89:1 and type 'C' 5.88:1. The type 'A' showed the competitive rates. : Dept. of Child Development & Family Studies (11:1), Dept. of Chemistry (7.5:1), Dept. of Sociology (7.5:1). The type 'C' also showed the competitive rates. : Dept. of Tax Management (17:1), Dept. of Chemistry (11.14:1), Dept. of Child Development & Family Studies (8:1), Dept. of Chinese Studies (8:1). Type 'C', every department, which belong College of Economics & Business, College of Social Sciences and College of Engineering, showed over the competitive rates of 5:1. This year, type 'A', 'C' showed to be distributed applicants at most departments.

Every type had a common feature that Dept. of Chemistry was showing strong. Because Lee Yong-Il, a professor in the Dept. of Chemistry, was awarded the Benedetti-Pichler Award and Dept. of Chemistry accomplished many great fruits. Also, CNU had a record employment rate of 73.6% for 2009. This placed CNU second among the national universities. These were the reasons that contributed to the raise of the competitive rate of admission.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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