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The very first Doosan heavy industry department graduates
Employees of Doosan Heavy Industry Corporation celebrating their graduation

On February 22, Doosan Heavy Industry Corporation (DHIC) opened its first graduation ceremony for DHI Department graduates. It has a special meaning since it’s the first graduation ceremony since the department has been established. 30 technical employees of DHIC finished their education schedule the past two years and received engineering bachelor's degrees.

DHI and Changwon National University concluded an agreement in October, 2013 of establishing DHI Department and recruited 30 students later on so that technical employees can gain knowledge of university mechanical engineering studies.

In 2014, Doosan Heavy Industry Corporation opened the department at Changwon National University with the purpose of facing convergence era by combining humanities, technology and management which will integrate theory and practice regarding heavy industry. Their goal is to educate field practitioners and managers’ practical knowledge to adjust them to globalization and to train its human resources with maturity in personality so they can contribute to the company and community which inherits the Doosan spirit 'People are the future' .

In addition, after DHI Department began their lecture, they received attention as an industrial cooperation model. By opening the department, the company's competitiveness became stronger and employees with only high school diplomas had an increased uplifting experience. The company supported 50% of the tuition and even gave full scholarship to those with superior grades.

On weekdays they attended the lecture in the lecture hall which is inside the company and at the CWNU campus on weekends. This year, Doosan Heavy Industries is expected to begin their academic schedule with the new 29 technical employees.

Employees expressed their appreciation to their company for giving them the chance to achieve bachelor's degree which they have desired for a long time and will use this opportunity to improve business efficiency and for the community.

The CEO of DHIC congratulated all the employees for achieving bachelor's degrees and said he will spare no costs of cultivating men of talent.

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