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A bright future welcoming the graduate
A bright future welcoming the graduate

The weather welcomed graduates with a fine spring day as if it forgot it was raining a week ago. Parents of the graduates and other visitors, as well as graduates visited CWNU. The campus was silent due to the vacation revived after a long interval.

The ceremony was held as an integration graduation into bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. CWNU turned out 45,321 bachelors, 8,970 masters, and 845 doctors after foundation. Recipients of this conferment of degrees saw 1,574 bachelors, 169 masters, and 845 doctors.

200 people including the president of CWNU, Choi Hae-bum, a number of faculties, the president of an alumni association, Kim Myeong-young and alumnus, a member of the National Assembly, Park Sung-ho and the related organization representative, graduates, and their families attended the ceremony.

The president of CWUN, Choi Hae-bum addressed graduates, “CWNU graduates are the talented ones who will be the pillars of the community and Korea, further international society” and “Make it sure that graduates have self-confidence all the time and make great strides sustainably putting a steady effort and self-improvement based on the pride of CWNU.”

In addition, each department held the 2015 conferment ceremony in their dedicated lecture room. All the departments prepared some refreshments for the graduates and their parents. Garlands also adorned the rooms. Undergraduates made this ceremony more meaningful by presenting flower bouquets to the graduates and celebrated their graduation wholeheartedly.

Won Jun-hyuk, a student president of International Relations who gave a speech representing undergraduates declared “I don’t think your graduation leads to disappearance of your trace in the campus,” and “It is truly regrettable but we just know that seniors have to go their own separate ways and carry out their roles as members of society.”

Kim Dae-won, the previous student president of Administration reminiscing about the memories of the 4 years, shared his thoughts. He said “It is pretty fluttering and I feel a sort of responsibility becoming a member of the community and stepping forward into society out of CWNU. I want to repay CWNU for being a reliable support that helped me show my ability to fulfill my life.”

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