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An energetic step for ELP

Have you heard about English classes in the dormitories? It is one of the programs that the Language Education Center is proceeding to bring to CWNU students in English.

The English Language Program (ELP) has been in operation from 2015 and students from freshmen to sophomores attend the class. It lasts for 1 and half hours and goes from Monday to Thursday in the old dorms. Also, it is divided into three levels and students are assigned to a class among 16 (either at 6:30 or 8:00). Each class has a mentor and students can study in a wide spectrum of English from grammar to free talking. Furthermore, there is counseling time for 4 hours a week with the class teacher so that students can make up missing work. It is approved as a regular subject, so students taking ELP can get 2 credits. Now, this 2nd semester in 2015, there are 208 students taking ELP.

As it has been implemented since this year, satisfaction from students was pretty various.

“Unlike high school’s English curriculum, I could enhance my English skills by talking with foreign teachers. The best part of ELP, I think, is that I can have classes in the dorm where I live!” said Kim Bit-nara who has been taking ELP for a year.

However, Lee Joo-hyun who has been taking ELP from the 1st semester said, “Whereas I could overcome fear of foreigners by having classes every day with a foreign teacher, I had a hard time doing other activities at dinnertime. Also, I was quite embarrassed that we had to write a letter of apology for many absences without any prior notices.”

Students pointed out that it is very nice to learn English where they live and speak English during the class. Moreover, as it is one of the programs in specialized business, they could get a little scholarship based on their grades or participation in classes. On the other hand, some said it is a burden to attend class every day and to take quizzes every week. Especially, having classes at dinner time leaves much to be desired because it causes inconvenience in having part-time jobs, club activities, or major activities.

It is hard to satisfy all students. Actually, in the 1st semester, there were ELP classes on Friday even though dormitory students go back to their home during weekends. There were even classes from 6 to 7 o’clock without considering the cafeteria’s running time. However, after the satisfaction survey in the 1st semester, complaints from students converged and a better environment was provided by revoking Friday classes and starting classes at 6:30.

ELP is listening to students and ready to have more changes. We expect their next steps.

Seo Su-jin  msjwk9497@naver.com

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