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The 32nd General Student Association, ‘Level up’

The new General Student Association has started off. It is named 'Level up'. From now on, we'll see how CWNU will make the new way with ‘Level up’. 'Level up' promised four main pledges focusing on the students.

After the election, Shin Dae-hwan (Dept. of German Language & Literature), the president of 'Level up' said, "During the election period, there were many suspicions and many people suffered from that. I want to change the basic rule of the student government to prevent this disgraceful accident from ever happening again. Also, I think about making a representative democracy to keep Central Managing Committee in check. I will separate the power to build a clean-handed student government."

‘Level up’ seems to work hard to build a reliable student government that regards transparency and fairness. This time, the election had lots of trouble. So they will try hard to make an impartial student government.

Next are the important pledges of 'Level up' : 1. A discount system with student ID at cultural facilities and restaurants (near CWNU) - "We've had discussions with 4 cinemas in Changwon. It can reduce our students' burden toward the cost of cinemas and restaurants. We will allow you to get discounts easily by certifying your student ID."

2. Making artificial turf on the schoolyard - "I've been thinking about our students' long-cherished wish, installing artificial turf. I heard that Kyungsang University installed artificial turf in 2014 in their college. So I asked them how to build it and its method. I will try hard to install the artificial turf in CWNU."

3. Opening the details of financial services through on/offline every quarter – "The reorganization of the Finance Department will be transparent for financial services. We will open passbook copies, receipts, etc. to the public through on/offline."

If you see Level up’s main pledges, you can understand that they try to make a college which is clean, transparent and also encouraging students' cultural lives.

Seo Seong-il  -

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