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Qualified beauty in CWNU

Q. Would you introduce yourself to the readers?

Kim: My name is Kim Gyu-ri. I won first place in 2015 Miss Gyeongnam contest. I am currently in my fourth year at Changwon National University and majoring in Industrial Design. It’s an honor to be interviewed.

Q. What was the motivation to apply for the contest?

Kim: Like every woman, I also imagined winning the Miss Korea contest which represents the beauty of our country. It was of course, a vague dream in the beginning. Though, I wanted to leave my precious time and appearance. Eventually, I volunteered for the 2015 Miss Gyeongnam contest.

Q. What was the most memorable experience during the contest?

Kim: The camp was the most memorable experience. It was an opportunity for me to make many nice friends and to look back at myself. It also made me stronger due to the candidates who made me learn my shortcomings from their strengths.

Q. In what way was the event conducted?

Kim: The Miss Gyeongnam contest was conducted by two days of camp. The day before the tournament, we shoot our own short video and practice for the opening dance and rehearsal after entering the camp. On the first day of the competition we did one-to-one screening. On the finals stage, 15 of the candidates were chosen after a simple self-introduction and swimming suit evaluation with our make-up on and weaving our hair. The chosen 15 candidates were shortened into the final 8 people after the dress evaluation, and Miss Gyeongnam's Jin, Seon, Mi (truth, goodness, and beauty) were selected out of those 8 candidates.

Q. What was the hardest thing you felt during the tournament?

Kim: The Miss Korea contest was always a vague dream since childhood. Because it purely started from my desire, I felt so sorry to receive help from my parents so I wanted to show them that I could pull off the hard work by fully engaging myself in my part-time job, school work and preparing for the contest. I sometimes felt envious when looking at other contestants who got lots of financial resources from their parents, but I endured all of that only with the positive thinking and my passion towards my dream. There were many difficult things but I think that's the foundation which made me develop.

Q. What are your plans afterwards?

Kim: I wish to stay focused to the final stage which is coming soon. I'm starting camping for the whole of June and the Miss Korea's final stage starts on July 10th. Since it's a bigger stage I'll try much harder than before.

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