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CWNU Practice True Love

On May 13th, CWNU invited 60 senior citizens who are disabled or live alone and distributed food to them at dormitory Building 6. Faculty members, including Lee Chan-gyu, and student volunteer groups joined this event together. They handed ‘the food of love’ which was cooked at the dormitory. After having their meals, senior citizens watched performances such as saxophone, Korean traditional percussion band and a cheering squad called ‘Phoenix‘.

One notable feature of this day was that two professors of Jossai University (Prof. Akihisa Inoue and Ukihisa Kitamura,) who visited Korea to sign up International Collaboration in Research, joined this event. They carried food and offered words of consolation.

Nam Su-yeon (Dept. of Chemistry) who participated in this event said, “This is the first time that I joined in this event so I was little bit nervous and worried. However, senior citizens felt like my grandmother and grandfather so it is easy to get along well. On the one hand, I felt sorry because I thought I was not a great help to them. When I escorted them to the bus, they said thank you to me. I was very touched and felt a sense of pride. If I have another chance, I will participate again.”

It is meaningful that faculty members and students work together for senior citizens who live in their community. Furthermore, CWNU will distribute food and offer support funds for physically challenged people who live in Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Pullip Town.

Meanwhile, on April 25th a powerful earthquake happened in Nepal, killing more than 8500 people. CWNU conducted a ‘Faculty members fund-raising campaign for Nepal’, wishing a fast recovery from the earthquake from May 6th to 8th. All 560 faculty members participated in this on their own and raised about 10.9 million won. President Lee Chan-gyu delivered it to the Korean National Commission for UNESCO on May 14th.

Like this, CWNU is practicing beautiful love in many ways, not only for their community but for the whole world. CWNU should be a leader in practicing true love by making more chances and programs in which students and faculty members can participate.

Cho Yu-na  -

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