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Family: How close are you with your family?

Who is it that you spend a lot of time and are close with? It is family. That means family is precious to you. However, because of busy daily life, more and more people can’t spend much time with their families. May is ‘Family month’, so we conducted a survey of 354 students about family closeness.

The first question was “How many times do you have meals with all family members?”. 159 students (44.9%) answered ‘zero’, 153 students (43.2%) answered ‘one time’, 36 students (10.2%) answered ‘two times’ and only 6 students (1.7%) answered ‘three times’. Most of the students show that they don’t usually eat meals with family.

The second question was “How many hours do you talk with family?”. Among 354 students, 144 students (40.7%) answered ‘under 30 minutes’, 102 students (28.8%) answered ‘30 minutes to 1 hour’, 54 students (15.3%) answered ‘1 to 2 hours’, 24 students (6.8%) answered ‘more than 2 hours’ and 30 students (8.5%) answered higher. More than half of students talk with family under 1 hour, and this time seems too short.

The third question was “How many times do you go on a family-trip?”. Among 354 students, 78 students (22%) answered ‘zero’, 108 students (30.5%) answered ‘one time’, 81 students (22.9%) answered ‘two times’ and 87 students (24.6%) answered ‘more than 3 times’. More than half of students show that they don’t go on family-trips or only go once.

The last question was “What do you want to do most with your family?”. ‘Trip’ was chosen by 117 students (33.1%), the largest group. 93 students (26.3%) chose ‘eat meals’, 90 students (25.4%) chose ‘talk’, 45 students chose ‘exercise and common hobbies’.

These survey results show that most students can’t spend enough time with family. One of the students said “As I get older, because of busy daily life, the time that I can spend with family is decreasing, and I can’t see my family often. There’s no solution to this problem and I’m so regretful.” Many students want to spend lots of time with family but they don’t have suitable conditions. May has lots of holidays. How about spending time with family instead of just resting alone?

Ma Jung-min  msjwk9497@naver.com

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