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Sam-duk Tong Sang: cooperate with North Korea

What would be needed for a company to be successful? The most important two things are cheap workforce and good technical skills. Sam-duk Tong-sang is a company that is equipped with both. It has Gae-sung industrial complex’s cheap workforce and good technical skills in the head office. Let’s talk about this great company.

About Sam-duk Tong-sang

Sam-duk Tong-sang is an outdoor shoes company that makes sports shoes, climbing shoes and functional shoes. It is the first outdoor shoes company to move into Gae-sung industrial complex, and achieved eight thousand dollars in sales every year. Also, to hand down a secret method, they made five thousands education books and educated Gae-sung employees. So they are called an exemplary company. The head office is in Busan, Kang-seo-gu, Song-jung-dong 1737-15.

The representative product and good points

Sam-duk Tong-sang’s representative product is walking shoes. Its shoes are made for hills with 15 degree slopes. So this helps to exercise the lower body, circulate blood, correct posture and maintain physical balance. Through the skill that engrafted the science to the shoes, this company exports to 26 countries such as U.S. and around Europe. In Korea, the company makes and sells the walking shoes by the name of ‘Star Field’. Above all things, the best point is that they have good technical skills by their head office and a cheap workforce by the Gae-sung Industrial Complex.

Mission and core value

First, the company’s mission is to make customer complaints zero and minimize poor production. To give the environment that customers concentrate on marketing, giving the best quality at all times is the mission of this company. Also, the company’s core value is “Always be in comfort.” This is the standard of its employees’ thinking and behavior, so this is very important to Sam-duk Tong-sang.

Management of the company

Sam-duk Tong-sang has an in-house system that improves quality and price competitiveness. They try to make an environment that both buyers and the company develop together. Also they try to make an environment that only concentrates on production and produce responsible shoes.

The right people for the company

They want people who invest endless self-development and constantly practice their knowledge and capability. In short, they are looking for the people who can work actively and passionately. Also, they desire people who can cooperate and coexist with others.

There are many companies cooperating with Gae-sung industrial complex in our country. Cooperating with Gae-sung industrial complex not only gets a cheap workforce but also means cooperating with North Korea. It will be good for our unity. If you want to know more, visit www.samduk.net

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