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The Beautiful Store: Sharing Brings Happiness

It is important that we know exactly what we want to do. If you are interested in helping people in need and protecting the environment, here is a good company to work for. It is ‘The Beautiful Store’ which is a medium-sized typical social enterprise.

About the Beautiful Store

The Beautiful Store was established under ‘Expansion of Sharing Culture’ in 2002. Its main job is selling donated recyclable materials, helping underprivileged people and supporting public beneficial activities with its profits. The head office is in Seoul and stores and circulation centers which classify the donated products are all across the country.

Main Business

The Beautiful Store helps many poor people throughout large business areas as a social enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Labor. Also, it is the core of regional life environment movement by running more than one hundred reusing stores in Korea and a fund-raising campaign for national support is actively ongoing. Besides, it supports fair trade and tries to create design by practical recycling.

Mission & Vision

The Beautiful Store exists to contribute to the changing eco-friendly culture by reusing and recycling. Its long-term aim is to generalize awareness of reusing and to promote development of community by social activities. Also, as a non-profit corporation, it pursues high efficiency and public interest at the same time.

The right people for the company

Dedication to the company, gratitude for relationship, and morality. These are the chief factors of desirable employees in the Beautiful Store. The company wants talent from those who are not only devoted to their role but also to maximize other members’ ability by taking the lead.

Recruitment and working condition

Successful candidates passing public employment go through a probationary period of three months, and then transfer as an assistant administrator after evaluation. Bonuses are given four times a year for permanent positions and promotion is only made on the basis of demonstrated abilities. Also, various programs are provided in order to strengthen capabilities of members. Excellent workers and long-term employees have a chance for overseas studies and voluntary study groups consist of more than five people and are supported by the company.

Working in the Beautiful Store only to earn money without any public spirit would be a very hard and worthless job. However, if you empathize with the company’s philosophy and truly want to work for social welfare, it would be a great opportunity to realize your dream. If you have any questions or need more information, visit http://www.beautifulstore.org.

Lee Ha-eun  lovehaeun0126@gmail.com

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