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Run with Pace Maker!

Which club has won the enormous prizes in CWNU? That is ‘Pace Maker’, the economy of science club. I met Baek Jung-eun (Dept. of Economics), president of Pace Maker.

Q.. Would you introduce Pace Maker simply?

Baek : Pace Maker is the club of economy of science. We do various activities about economy with people who are interested in getting a job in the financial world, regardless of major.

Q.. Is there any special standard to get into Pace Maker?

Baek : First, applicants should be CWNU students, and only freshmen, sophomores and juniors can apply. We don’t care about major, but applicants have to prepare some basic economics knowledge equivalent to the levels of the principles of economics..

Q. What are the main activities in Pace Maker?

Baek : First, we do newspaper scrap. We choose economics newspapers and read them. After that, we share our own thoughts and ideas about that 2 times a week. Second, we analyze economics issues. Through this activity, we have time to do a presentation about economic effects in Korea and to the world, and also some pros and cons. Last, we hold a symposium. We compete in our club, and the winner of the symposium competes in the Gyung-nam symposium.

Q. What is the secret of winning the enormous prizes?

Baek : In our club, there’re only people that have the same goal. So we communicate easily and effectively. Contest exhibits and many competitions require good communication. I think this communication is the secret of winning the prizes.

Q. What is different about Pace Maker compared to other clubs?

Baek : Our club has a tradition and system inherited since 2012. We have an alternating current between seniors and juniors. Seniors who graduated and got a job help juniors as mentors. We made our community with all members of the club, so they give juniors feedback and help them. That is the most important difference about our club.

Through the interview, I was able to see that Pace Maker has a really strong friendship and will. How about apply to Pace maker next semester?

Oh Yu-ju  -

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