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Congratulations on CWNU’s Birthday!

CWNU held the 46th anniversary of its foundation and the 1st Proud CWNU’s People Awards Ceremony on March 20th in the central laboratory for science & technology. Guests participating in the event were Gang Gi-yun, a member of the National Assembly and the president of CWNU Reunion, Prof. Choi Hae-beom, a candidate for the CWNU 7th presidency, and the CWNU 2nd, 3rd President Lee Suo. At this anniversary, long-term employees were presented with an award certificate. President Lee presented it and the recipients included Prof. Dong Seong-sik, Kim Gi-min, Gwon Tae-in. “I really thank staff members, students and all the participants for attending the anniversary. CWNU shouldn’t settle for the present. The reason we could continue to grow and develop was that we made ceaseless efforts and devoted ourselves to learn. CWNU has to become a university competing with the world by looking toward the next 50 years and agonizing CWNU’s duty and vision” said President Lee in his opening remarks. Lee Suo, the previous president, delivered a congratulatory address and part one was finished. Then the 1st Proud CWNU’s People Awards Ceremony started. This award was made to raise alumni’s self-confidence and model them upon those who have raised CWNU’s honor. The prizewinners were Choi Chung-gyeong, the President of Changwon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gang Gi-yun, Park Seong-ho, members of the National Assembly, Back Sang-won, a director of Gyeongnam Robotland Foundation, and Kim Cheol-su, a director of Daesan Art Museum. Kim Cheol-su said “I hope that CWNU becomes the No.1 university among national universities after uniting all the CWNU members around President Lee as the pivotal figure and produce outstanding juniors. Park Seong-hyeong (Dept. of history), a participant, said “Honestly, I was a little afraid that the university anniversary was on Saturday. However I felt happy as a CWNU student after seeing many people attend the ceremony and congratulate this school. Also, after watching the Proud CWNU’s People Awards Ceremony, I thought that I could be a person who can receive that award in the distant future.”

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