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Are you Satisfied with the State Scholarship?
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.03.02 18:11
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Korea Student Aid Foundation implements scholarships in order to reduce the amount of money students have to pay for college tuition. It enables students to devote themselves to their studies, but not all students are pleased with this scholarship. Therefore, we conducted a survey of 180 students (Male: 90, Female: 90) who answered these questions to discover how students are satisfied with this.

The first question was, “Are you supposed to be awarded the National Scholarship in the 1st semester of 2015?” Before each semester starts, university students used to apply for the National Scholarship of their best screenings. However, not every applicant is awarded the scholarship. On this question, while 91 students answered that they are granted a national scholarship this semester (about 53%), 81 students answered they can’t receive it (about 47%). We could see that the number of students who will receive the scholarship is not much more than the number of students who can’t receive it.

Then, we asked the students what was the reason why they can’t get the benefit of state scholarships. Most answered that the reason was due to their income levels which don’t satisfy the standard of the state scholarships. Secondly, their academic achievements don't meet the minimum grade requirement and missing the deadline for application.

The second question was “How satisfied are you with the present standard of selection of state scholarship?” Most students replied as negative. 49 students answered ‘satisfied’, 41 students answered ‘normal’, but 72 students expressed dissatisfaction at the standard of selection of the state scholarship. We asked the students who expressed dissatisfaction their reason.

A lot of students blamed the changed income rank calculation method. The change made it difficult for students to get a state scholarship. Another reason was a high standard for credits. As to the question, “What should be improved from a state scholarship system?” students said that the government should select scholarship students transparently and simplify the submission system of the family relation certificate.

Also, students said they prefer to reduce the college tuition fee by half, which was the opinion of all students. As you can see from the first question, the number of people getting a scholarship is similar to the number of people who don’t.

Seeing the results, it is true that there are still some improvement points, but it seems they are developed gradually. With the right background information and insight, you may understand the national scholarship system and enjoy it more effectively.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  hk7312003@naver.com

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