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Maximize the CWNU Dorm!

The CWNU dormitory is comprised of seven buildings. The old buildings are comprised of Building 1 (The building of Faithfulness), Building 2 (The building of Creation), and Building 3 (The building of Truth). The old buildings are double-occupancy, and students who live in there have to share a washroom, restroom, and shower stall. The new building is Building 4 (The building of Liberty), constructed like an apartment. 6 students use 1 room together, and they share one restroom and shower stall. Buildings 5, 6, and 7 are BTL dormitory. It’s also double-occupancy, and students could use their own restroom and shower stall.

This year, there are some new features at CWNU dormitory. First, the dormitory has improved facilities and a newly built building. They replaced some components at building 1 and 2, remodeled the restroom of building 3, and installed the windows at building 4’s aisle. They built the new building 7, and recruited students this semester.

Second, the system of dormitory meals has changed. Previously, the students had to eat a school meal two times a day (breakfast and dinner) without a choice, and if the students wanted to have school lunch, they had to buy a meal ticket. However, the new way is different. Students can choose the number of daily school meals from one time to three times as well as which meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) freely.

Last, a new language program related to the dormitory for students has been organized. This program is characterized as a business foreign language program. This program is for 330 freshmen and sophomores related to characterized business majors. These students are going to study English conversation after school for an hour every day, and live in buildings 2 and 3. Also, the tuition fee will be fully funded, and dormitory cost will be funded differently depending on grades. Also, students can earn 2 credits through this class, and can participate in other English programs. They can stay in a camp for English training, and earn 3 credits. If the students get a good grade in the Characterized Business Foreign Language Program, students get the chance to spend the winter studying in Hawaii!

Choi Min-jung(Dept. of international trade), a student living in a dormitory, said “This year, I’m going to live in Building 3 and participate in characterized business foreign language program. I’m really expected. I want to make the most of this building 3”.

As mentioned above, the CWNU dormitory is developed continuously for students. If you are not a student who lives in a dormitory, How about applying to the dormitory next year? Should you have any questions about dormitory and its programs, don't hesitate to call to 055-213-2484 or visit http://portal.changwon.ac.kr/home/dorm.

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