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A Fresh Start with a New Leader

Last year was the most eventful year in CWNU. The busy year passed and CWNU held a presidential election on February 12, 2015 to become a better university with a new president. 48 committees decided two nominees instead of all the people in the university. Professor Choi Hae-bum (Dept. of International Trade) was selected as the No.1 nominee and Jung cha-geun (Dept. of Chinese Studies) was the No. 2 nominee.

One notable feature of the 7th president election is that CWNU introduced an indirect election system for the first time within a provincial national university. Since 1992, CWNU has adhered to direct election, but this year CWNU changed it to an indirect election. Many people were concerned about it but CWNU did their best to make it a fair election.

First, CWNU set up an Election Commission on November 24, 2014 and made a homepage to let everyone know about the six candidates’ (Jung Cha-Geun, Park Young-Geun, Choi Hae-Bum, Yu Geun-Jong, Lee Ho-Young, and Lee Chan-Gyu) aspirations and plans for developing the university. Furthermore, on January 20, 2015, six candidates signed for fair competition rules to do the competition in good faith, accept the result of the election, and follow management guideline Article 11(campaigned by candidates).

On January 09, six candidates announced their opinions to all members of CWNU at Education Hall. They explained their pledges and their plans to make a better CWNU. Professor Choi Hae-Bum who was selected as the No.1 nominee said “I had many complications during election times. I am here because everyone supports me. The other candidates are CWNU’s assets too, so I will collect their pledges and reflect those in my policy.”

Professor Choi Hae-Bum suggested that the president should be a person who is supportive for all. He promised to reinforce personality education for training creative individuals, run an enterprise connection course of studies, improve the treatment of professors, and found a new foreign college and medical college.

Park Bo-Bae (Department of Nursing) said “I hope the new president will make an incorrupt university, listen attentively to our voices and communicate with us.”

Meanwhile, the current president Lee Chan-Gyu will complete his four-year term on May 28 and the new president will start his work after that.

Jo Yu-Na  yuna3232@naver.com

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