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The Final Days of ‘Saerogochim (F5)’

‘Saerogochim (F5)’, the General Student Association, which held their inauguration ceremony last April, is now finalizing their activities. The second semester will end soon, so it’s time to welcome the new General Student Association, ‘On and On’. Before then, we should look back on F5’s election pledge and management in order to see how CWNU will go forward.

Lee In-gil (Department of Biology), the president of the 30th General Student Association, was barely re-elected due to low voter participation. He asserted five main pledges. First, he promised to inform our university and to unite students through a long march. As a result, about 40 students walked 130 km along the Jirisan Dulle-gil from August 18 to 25. They donated over 200 won per km to the Comfort Women Monument Committee. His second plan introduced a market basket system to allow students to register for courses faster. This system allowed students to select and register for classes in advance. In the second semester of this year, the market basket system was implemented. Third, he tried to institute the Bongrim Sports Festival. However, as a result of a college president meeting, it wasn’t held. His fourth pledge was to prepare various events once a month for students to enjoy school life. The first event was held at Bongrim Student Hall on April 14th to celebrate Black Day. Another event celebrated the coming-of-age day on May 19th by giving roses to students. He also held a club day on May 20th, and handed out some bread to students. By holding many events, he brought happiness to CWNU students. Lastly, he said he would improve old school facilities. The College of Humanities building was cleaned, building 53’s toilets were remodeled, a stationery store was built behind the College of Economics & Business, and a new building will be constructed during the winter vacation.

According to a survey by CWNU students, the number of students who think the 30th General Student Association did a good job is 188 out of 400 (47%). 24% believe the General Student Association should communicate more with students. And 15% of students want them to improve the school environment more. Therefore, we see that the General Student Association did their work well but it failed in communication. Although they informed students about school events through Facebook, they failed to listen to students with care and attention to school problems.

We hope that the 31st General Student Association, ‘On and On’, listens carefully to students, and is responsible for making CWNU’s environment better. That way, students will enjoy school life more, and CWNU will develop more.

Jung Hye-jung  -

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