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Job Training Programs Help Students Create Opportunities

How do I get a job? Can I survive in society? Most third and fourth-year university students worry about the problem of employment. To solve this problem and help students, CWNU has two job training programs. One is ‘The Sarim Leaders Club’ and the other is ‘The Sarim Neuro Leaders Club.’ Both of them offer great help to students who are ready to get jobs.

The Sarim Leaders Club is a program that helps students to adapt in social organizations. This program is intended for fourth-year students. Three professional career guidance advisors lead two classes each, and offer offline meetings at least twice a month. Moreover, students preparing for jobs within the same field can form a group to prepare presentations, take personality tests, and simulate interviews. They can also receive help to acquire various certifications. It is managed by collecting various opinions and recommendations.

This program’s goals are to improve CWNU students’ chances of employment, and to boost the image of CWNU through higher competitiveness in the job market.

The Neuro Leaders Club is operated in a different way. This program is open from August to December, and is intended for third-year university students.

The Next Generation Neuro Leadership program aids young college students in demonstrating and developing leadership capabilities in society. The leadership education is based on neuroscience. In other words, it is a program that looks into the brain, evaluates the evolution of leadership qualities, and develops leadership ability via the brain scientifically.

The Neuro Leadership was created due to a need for core values, new models for growth, and innovative leadership capabilities in an environment of unlimited competition, low growth, destitute social structures, and structural discord.

The Neuro Leadership represents a new kind of leadership. The existing leadership centers on absorption of knowledge, text learning, analytical results, and a lockstep approach to teaching. On the other hand, the Neuro Leadership advances leadership education through scientific and physiological change, analyzing brain function and visual training.

This program lasts for 12 weeks. One educational process has an unusual title called the ‘333 Neuro Feedback’. This means “30 minutes, 3 months, 3 times a week.” It focuses on breathing, step-by-step brain relaxation, strengthening the brain, and improving concentration, thinking, and memory.

Through this training and education, leadership abilities can be affected, and the capacity for employment improved through learning, emotional control, and stress resistance.

If you worry about getting a job and lack confidence, these programs can help you develop yourself. Opportunities don’t come to those who don’t do anything. Opportunities are something you create. These programs can help you create them.

Jung Hye-jung  -

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