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Submit Reports and Essays for a Competition
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.11.03 18:29
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There are many specialized enterprises for students at CWNU. One is a ‘Report or Lecture Competition’ that is happening now. The Faculty of Education has held this competition since 2009, in order to discover excellent and dynamic models for lectures. Through this competition, students can improve their writing skills, and overall thinking abilities. It can induce optimal studying habits, enhance interest, and motivate learning.

There are two sections. First, there is a report category that students can participate in. Second, there is a lecture essay category that professors can participate in.

Report Category

This targets reports that undergraduates submit during the semester. Participants can submit one report that is the same as the one submitted in class. It must be submitted using word processing programs Hangul or MS Power Point. The specified form is noted in Waagle. It doesn’t matter how long the report is, but it must be submitted personally to the Faculty of Education if its content exceeds file capacity.

Lecture Essay Category

This targets essays about lectures open during the semester. Content can be about class instruction or features, effort of professors, feedback from learners, or professor’s recommendations. In contrast to the report category, there is a limitation of three to five pages using Hangul.

Details & Awards

One piece of writing can be submitted for each person. And files should use a specified file name. Any writing awarded in another competition is ruled out, and all writing must be about classes they have taken.

If you want to receive a prize, you must pay attention to the competition criteria. Three parts are evaluated: creativity, content, and formality.

Special prizes will be awarded in each contest. Winning essays will be posted on the homepage. Excellent writings may also be printed in Faculty of Education newsletter. Winners will also receive prize money. First-place gets 300,000 won, three second-place finishers will get 200,000 won, and five third-place finishers will get 100,000won.

Participants can apply for this competition from Oct. 15 to Nov. 26. There are two ways to apply. One is by personally submitting writings to the Faculty of Education. The other way is applying though e-mail (cctl@changwon.ac.kr).
Notice of this competition is also uploaded on Waagle. If you need more information, you can also make an inquiry by phoning the Faculty of Education (055-213-2664).

Announcement of the winners will be posted on Waagle on Dec. 11, and the awards ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 12.

Why don’t you think about entering this competition? Submitting reports that you write for your classes can win you unexpected prizes and money.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  -

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