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Congraduations New Leaders! 'Stand by'

I was impressed by his considerate mind for the university and the students. By seeing his actions, I started to have a dream of becoming the chairperson of the college of Engineering. I will never let down all the students who have trusted me. As the election pledges, I promised to install photocopiers that could be used by the students without any charge. It would be installed in front of the students association. I also promised to carry out text-message services for the civil petitions. During the examination, snacks would be distributed.

There would be shuttle buses running between the bus stop and the college of Engineering, for those students experiencing inconvenience due to the long distance between those two places. For the voluntary works, I promised to establish the system for promoting such works and securing the necessary time with the support from corporations. As the most important pledge of all, the text-message services for civil petitions were chosen. I think that it is necessary to reflect as many opinions of students as possible. I am sure that such services will make a great contribution to the connection between the students and the students association.

I want to make an association that can be considered to be friendly to the students. Without losing the original intention, I will become the chairperson who can lead the college of Engineering to a better place.

Kang In-Jung  cutejun88@changwon.ac.kr

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